Espen Rekdal (39) is a Norwegian natural history underwater cameraman, writer, marine biologist and international award-winning underwater photographer. Espen's stills & footage have been widely published in hundreds of books, tv shows and magazines, most notably National Geographic, Discovery channel, LA Times, Huffington post, Daily Mail & BBC Wildlife. He has been diving, photographing and filming the fjords of Norway for 18 years.

This site displays several hundred examples of his work.


  Left to right, top to bottom: Velvet belly shark, Etmopterus spinax, Lysefjord, Norway; Dead mens fingers, Alcyonium digitatum, Norway; Dogfish sharks, Squalus achantias, Sola, Norway; Chimera, Chimera monstrosa, Sognefjord, Norway; Helmet jellyfish, Periphylla periphylla, Lurefjord, Norway; Sperm whale, Physeter macrocephalus, Norwegian coast, Norway; Gray Seal, Halichoerus grypus, Norwegian coast, Norway; Orca, Orchinus orca, Andfjorden, Norway; Yacare Caiman, Catoprion mento, and Wimple piranha, Mato Grosso do Sul, Pantanal, Brazil  


All text, photographs and video are Copyrighted Espen Rekdal, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. They are the sole property of Espen Rekdal Photography. We encourage you to look and to enjoy for free but the images are displayed here primarily for purposes of research for parties interested in buying rights for commercial usage. The images are NOT FREE and can not be downloaded and used by anyone without the prior permission of Espen Rekdal or on behalf of Espen Rekdal by representing agencies. Any such unauthorized usage constitutes a breach of international copyright law and will be prosecuted accordingly.
Espen Rekdal Photography: Romslovegen 275, 5263 Trengereid, Norway. (+47) 99456350.
Espen@EspenRekdal.com    www.EspenRekdal.com    www.BigBlue-Productions.com

Updated 21.09.2014

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